Friday, April 10, 2009

Sunday Evening - May, 1998

a thin shimmer of rain wets asphalt
tires squeeze sound as they press
black wetness
rushing somewhere
rushing going nowhere
but here

voices praising the Lord
with gold
with sacrifice
and pleabargaining
counting the costs
calculating the next
charitable tax deduction

passing discarded souls
judged too soft in a hard place
discards including
children and the childlike
abandoning dreams
that failed
and the frenzied
search for more

drawn to the pulsing glow
of neon that flashes
in the darkness
promising power
promising release from pain
with nothing down
and eternity to pay

- - - - - - - - -

Three months into analysis, living alone, adds up to some serious negative mind spaces. It is much too soon for new life to be found amng the wreckage of the inner world and the outer world has been denied, the status quo has been denied leaving the soul vulnerable.


Valerie Wangnet said...

Hi, just happened to stumble upon your blog and have just read your last post. This poem is fantastic, you're an incredible writer and seem to have a very powerful source of inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing, looking forward to readind the rest of your posts. All the best.

Anonymous said...

I found this very powerful and the language so emotive.

brazilseabreeze said...

Thanks for sharing... emotional, full of image, raw.

I'm honestly lost for words... I have wanted to "write" forever. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to reveal myself. Reading your poetry it's so clear to me that that is what it takes.


brazilseabreeze said...
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Anonymous said...

What a killer last line: "Nothing down and eternity to pay!"

I stumbled over this via a link on Viv's blog - what a treasure as complement to the Jungian Lense!!

There's a feeling of some hard beat poetry in this. Have you become more mild in recent years ;)